The Move-ment is a multi-layered Body~ Mind ~ Spirit life metamorphic experience.

Join us for 11 hours immersed in spiritual evolution at the leading edge of consciousness.

Are you ready to step into your highest timeline?



We are elated to be returning,  and advancing with our 8th edition!

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The earlier you purchase, the more money you save! There are limited tickets on each tier.

We are exhilarated to share this highly intimate and safe space for you to embody your full potential! Allow yourself to experience this day of Self~Love

The Movement is a vision birthed by two creative soul driven women;
Sitara is an Author and Meditation Teacher, and Zoel is a Conscious Artist as well as Creative Director.
Together, they conceived a dream that has grown into an actualized reality.
Their initial inspiration was to take people beyond having discussions around mindfulness, by fabricating a gathering where beings could experience the capacity the present moment carries to make a massive shift within themselves.
Within 7 editions they have congregated thousands of people, and have cultivated embodied presence, power, and passionate purpose within their lives.
Illuminating the predestined grid of light on the planet.



Leave the ruckus behind and reclaim your innate peace with Movement. Disengage from outdated paradigms and unveil a new level of inspiration, energy, and harmony that awaits your arrival!

Sah D' Simone, Testimonial
Anne marie Martinez testimonial, The Move-ment, Be Here Now