It is time to let go of the old outdated programs that growth occurs through struggles and hardship, and the belief that one needs to experience “dark night of the Soul’ in order to take the next spiritual step.  Through the “Bliss to Heal” process, you will be guided into your “God Consciousness” in where you will have a chance to recognize your own divinity and your unlimited potential.  From this place we will create energetic vortexes, and high vibrational “downloads” will be offered to you.  Accepting these downloads will support your evolution into the higher vibrational living; you will be matched to more bliss, joy and unconditional love in your life. 


Gizella Turbok is a former professional athlete, sport psychologist (MA) and a born healer.  Despite the fact that being on the spiritual path for over 20 years and had trained in various healing modalities, in 2013, Gizella faced a sudden growth of tumor that, that within months, turned into a stage IV ovarian cancer. Ignoring the death sentences given by doctors, Gizella chose to refuse chemotherapy, and instead, put all her energy finding a “natural solution” to heal herself. Though synchronistic events she was lead to Theta Healing, an energy healing modality that she resonated with right away. Through intense training and deep transformational works her body started to miraculously heal. Today, Gizella is cancer free over 3 years, and feels better than ever.  Now Gizella is truly living her dream life, helping her students and clients transform their lives; bringing health, success and abundance into into their lives.