Alyssa Dawn Brockmeyer LAc





Alyssa Dawn Brockmeyer LAc. is a licensed Acupuncturist, certified Basic DNA TheataHealing Practitioner, and Level 1 Qi Gong Practitioner.  She graduated from AAAOM in Minnesota 10 years ago with her masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is currently working in Pinecrest at the TCM Acupuncture Clinic along with doing more intimate healing sessions from her home in South Miami.  Her specialties include infertility, emotional/psychological disorders, oncology, and pain management, while also encompassing lifestyle, nutrition and wellness coaching.  Alyssa embodies a great depth of spirituality into her practice.  She has been working with plant medicines for over 6 years, is an active prayer chaplain at Unity on the Bay, and leads many events including: Meditation/Acupuncture healings and Sound-Bath/Acupuncture sessions.  After experiencing her own transformational soul lesson with breast cancer 11 years ago, she had discovered her true healing abilities and has now made it her passion and life mission to empower others to heal themselves.  Alyssa loves working with others to help magnify their own authentic inner wisdom and guidance as she wakes them up, putting the power of their health vitality and quality of life back into their own hands.  It is her authentic truth and intention to heal through the power and love of the Universe.