My passion is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their fullest potential, by exploring their current “Belief System” and developing “New Approaches” that will help them identify unproductive patterns, and replace them with productive conscious choices, in order to create the life they want. Shifting from knowledge to wisdom while strengthening your inner power and unique potential.

Being a Native Venezuelan, US College Graduate, living for 15 years as an expat, Citizen of the World, Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Professional Life Coach, I have been able to submerge myself into the many cultural differences and similarities that bind us together and set us apart. All of these life experiences have become amazing coaching tools that keep me connected with the empathy and understanding needed to serve people on what they care about most in life whether it is personal, professional, social, emotional or spiritual.

My mission for creating Dynamic Growth as a Transformational Coaching Approach is to engage with you on a safe journey to broaden your perception of life, to show you new distinctions and capabilities, so you can build on personal and professional leadership skills. I want to help you increase your ability to achieve positive results in life's multiple domains. This new way of learning and choosing occurs through a journey, alongside a Professional Coach during each phase of your “Transformational Process” and in alignment with respect, privacy, dignity and heart.

As a Professional Life Coach, I am driven by the vision of "Shifting the way people see and interact with the world" and by positively touching peoples' lives, while planting the seeds that truly matter, to grow our consciousness of “Being” and to remain connected as individuals, families, communities, professionals, and with the world at large.

I have recently been looking to meet someone to share my vision and passion with, so that together we could reach out to more people; then Bari came along, and together we founded Dynamic Growth at Your Meeting Place where we look forward to embarking on many journeys with you!