From 11 AM to 8 PM
THE COACHING GARDEN is a dynamic space where you will benefit from mini sessions with our highly-curated program led by the most sought-after coaches in the world of mindfulness. Step into the Coaching Garden and receive their wisdom.
(Appointments will be booked on site the day of the event at the registration.) #included with your ticket 


DOMINIC Inner Peace Advisor ( English )

IRINA VLADA Awareness Coach ( English & Russian )

BIANCA ABBOT Transformational Health Coach 

JUSTIN GOTTLIEB Tantra Coach ( English )

GIZELLA TURBOK Human Potential Coach ( English & Hungarian )

CHRISTINA SUDDUTH Personal Empowerment Coach ( English )

PAULA ARGUINDENGUI Expat Life Coach ( English & Spanish )

NATHALIE DELAINE Mindfulness Life Coach ( English )

DEBY LICHTENSTEIN The Imperfect Coach ( English & Spanish )

GISELLE FIUMARA Conscious Marketing Consultant ( English & Spanish )

MARIA CHERNYSHEVA Stretching Coach ( English  & Russian )


I believe your purpose in life is to grow, evolve, and set aside the beliefs, perceptions, mental models, and frameworks that limit your greatness and hamper the expression of your limitless soul through your physical body.

I relentlessly seek knowledge of self and practice contemplation. In this pursuit, I learned enough about myself to set myself free from the labyrinth of my mind and see the world as it IS, not as I want or need it to be. In this space I found liberation, happiness, lightness, joy, and lasting Inner Peace. It is from this place of Inner Peace that I work with clients around the world to guide them to Inner Peace and hope to one day work with you as well.

I engage you from within this state and invite you to join me there. We use this state of Inner Peace as the universal beginning point to connect to any part of your being that is unhappy, distressed, anxious, or incomplete. When we approach your needs and desires from this state we place ourselves in the optimal location to dissolve your problems until all that surrounds you is Inner Peace.

I use a flexible approach when working with you and do not limit myself to any one modality or framework. When you work with me, I tune your identity, thoughts, and beliefs to align with your eternal core so you can live life without limits.

I hold a Bachelors of Science Engineering degree from Stanford University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, I have certifications in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Theta Healing.



Irina is fully present when you meet with her. She listens intently and speaks with consideration. The authenticity of her interactions invites the same in those who come in contact with her.

Her personal story is a powerful narrative that blends international roots, world travel, unique experiences as well as adversity, addiction, and new beginnings. She is not afraid to take on new journeys and she is a consummate student—of life, yoga, philosophy, and academics.

Her path is deeply rooted in the discovery and exploration of the authentic self. Practicing and cultivating awareness is the means by which she consciously prepares for the next steps of her life’s adventure.

She shares this knowledge with her clients. Her guidance allows clients to focus on expanding their awareness of self as she offers them the right tools to facilitate their progress.


My vision is for everyone to live free and exceptional lives, while experiencing the abundant love and pleasure available to them.

I have been deeply involved in the study of love, relationships and sexuality for well over a decade. I’m a Certified Tantra Educator (CTE 1) graduating from Charles Muir’s Source School of Tantra Yoga. In addition, I’ve studied Tantric Body De-armoring and Transformational Alchemy with Andrew Barnes (Awakening Within) in 2016. I have attended various Tantra festivals and workshops to learn many different healing modalities which I bring to my clients. In 2017, I graduated Trainer Forum, a six month program designed to foster “stellar trainers, facilitators, and coaches of discovery-based, breakthrough-based, and/or leadership-based transformational work.” I graduated Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Psychology and Business in 2005.


Gizella Turbok (Gigi) is a former professional tennis player, high performance coach and sport psychologist (MA), now devoting her life to helping people awaken their true potential and transform their lives. 

Despite being a health conscious person on the spiritual path for over 18 years, in 2013 Gizella found herself with a basketball size cancerous tumor in her abdomen. After a life saving surgery, and possibly only a few weeks to live, Gizella decided to take her healing into her own hands. With determination and faith to heal, she went on a deep search to understand and transform the seemingly impossible.  What she has found profoundly helped her awaken her psychic and healing abilities. 

Gizella not only sent the cancer into complete remission but found her true calling, assisting people to awaken their unlimited potential.

Now, Gizella works with a laser beam focus to identify and transform any energetic, emotional or physical cause of an issue. In her work she brings science and intuition together, and her focus is to assist her clients to find their own source of power so they can have increased vitality, fulfillment and perform at a peak level.


I have a Degree in International Relations, a master's degree in event organization and I am a Certified Coach of IPEC Coaching (certified by the ICF)

My career  and love of travel have led me to live in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, China, Canada, and the United States. Each place has taught me more about the importance of adapting to change courageously and believing in what everyone can offer the world.

But I didn't always have this confidence in my abilities. I was born with a visible defect in my left eye (corrected by surgery at age 26), which meant a childhood and adolescence full of complexes, insecurities and a good dose of bullying. This situation, along with other experiences, made me grow up faster than I would have liked.

I've always known that pain and resistance to change are inevitable things, but over the years, experiences (and a lot of therapy) I discovered that both suffering and happiness are something that is chosen.

In order to accompany others to walk the path of developing self-confidence and to adapt to change, I became certified as a life coach and created a methodology called Experiential Coaching that focuses on unlocking the mind and body resulting in personal transformation, unlimited possibilities and self-love.


Christina Sudduth is a personal empowerment coach and founder of the company Path to Integration. She teaches foundational practices that allow you to connect more deeply to your unique essence, desires and fullest expression. The "Path to Integration" means taking that which is within you and bringing it into physical reality.

Part of this integration is becoming more trusting of the wisdom of your body and your ability to navigate the rhythmic cycles of action and rest. Christina will guide you through embodiment practices, mental fitness training, and internal "parts" work to connect with your inner child and various archetypes that support your exploration of Self.

Personal change and creating the life you envision is not a solo endeavor, so she also works within the context of your most important relationships. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your capacity to create intimacy and a sense of support with the people in your life through communication, boundaries and an understanding of personal sovereignty.

She believes that with each person that steps into their full, authentic power, this world becomes a better place!!



13+ Years of extensive experience in Marketing with expertise in Interactive business, a strong multicultural background and fluency in English and Spanish.
Analytical and strategic approach with a proven track record of planning and implementation of successful strategies in both Client and Agency sides for the US General Market, US Hispanics Market, and Latin America.


I have a passion for helping people grow, evolve and become the best version of themselves. I love different cultures and the challenge of bringing people from different worlds together. I grew up in South America, lived in Africa at a very young age, worked in Australia in my late teens, and then worked in multinational companies that took me around the globe, working in every single continent and interacting with human beings from the largest modern cities and the most remote, primitive areas.

Helping people develop self-awareness, discover their uniqueness, unleash their potential and overcome the challenges they face in their quest for success is my favorite thing to do. I've been an entrepreneur over the past 20 years, starting companies in 10 different countries, operating in a wide range of cultures and languages. It gives me great satisfaction to help people thrive personally and in their business life by extending my expertise. I can’t wait to meet you!

I am  fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

University Major in Business Administration
Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)
Corporate and Leadership Coach
International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified
Emotional Intelligence EQi2.0 Certified
Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Certified



I am Nathalie Delaine, your nVibe Life Coach. Over the last seven years I've been in a space of deep transformation, complete with plenty of breakdowns followed by incredible breakthroughs. I didn’t delve into transformational work because I considered myself purposeless, rather I stepped in because I felt that there was room for Expansion in the form of growth, knowledge, and Love.

My passion is to guide people in achieving their version of a ten life -  a “yummy place” is what I like to call it. This yummy place is free and available to all of us. It is my honor to get to support others in discovering the wealth and peace that exists within.

My journey brought me to you. I am a living reminder that it is possible to design and claim a life that feels fulfilling. We get to be the CEO of our lives. That means you get to mindfully choose it all - happiness, success, family, love. How do you want your CEO life to look and feel? If you’re not clear, that is okay. There is no “right” way to step into transformation. I am here to guide you in accessing the life you desire from a place of self-trust, awareness, and intuition.

Come nVibe with me! 


Bianca Abbott is a passionate and driven licensed Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner, Transformational Wellness Coach, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher dedicated to transforming client wellbeing and quality of life through integrative and functional medicine, alkaline nutrition, detoxification, fasting, Ayurveda, psychedelic assisted therapy, gut restoration, wellness retreats and yoga. She earned her Master’s in Nursing from the University of Miami and has practiced medicine at NYU and Columbia. She has traveled the world studying with Eastern and indigenous healers, shamans, and doctors on multiple continents. She creates individualized plan of care to empower her clients to awaken the healer within and heal at the root. She is the co-founder of LunaFast and guides people around the world in fasting and detoxification. She currently sees clients online or at Myself Wellness Clinic where she combines all the top bio-hacking therapies for cellular rejuvenation, mental health optimization, and spiritual advancement.


I'm a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer. My experience started eighteen years ago when I was only four! I've practiced martial arts for the better part of my life. I followed many dance classes in different styles as a teenager and I always tried new activities! I develop my own body and always continue to stay in a perfect sport fit.

One moment I realized I wanted to inspire others and help them in their health journeys. So, here I am!

I have 4 years of experience in team fitness coaching and individual classes. Highly skilled and experienced in the areas of bodyweight, strength and training flexibility.

My approach to program development is very client-centered. Safety, efficiency and, most importantly, enjoyment are important areas in which I focus.

I provide dynamic and individualized training programs as well as nutrition advice and I can be a resource for health-related things for my clients. They are the number one priority and I want to help them reach their goals however I can. I want my programs to avoid injury, get the best results, and be something my client wants to stick with so that it can be a lifestyle change for them and not just a temporary thing.