Akashic Records Activation Hypnosis

JUNE 1st. HEART STAGE  12PM - 1:30 PM

By agreeing to reincarnate into this lifetime, we bring certain beliefs, patterns, fears, and karmic experiences with us. Being unaware of these energies can create blockages in our lives. The Akashic Records store the reasons behind these patterns and, when accessed intentionally, can reveal the insights that you need in order to clear and transform these limiting energies. 

In this one-hour guided hypnosis, Debbie Magic will open the Akashic Records and guide you to connect with your masters, teachers, and/or ancestors. This will allow you to uncover the reasons behind your current patterns, beliefs, and blockages and remove their underlying causes.This awareness opens you up to new ways of dealing with challenges and karmically-based situations. In this way, you will activate a new consciousness that empowers you to expand to your full capacity of free will and create the best possibilities for your future.

Throughout the meditation, you will receive healing in Reiki form to support you in bypassing your ego’s resistance to change. As a result, you will move more lovingly through the experience feeling grounded and balanced. The purpose of the meditation is to deepen your self-trust and expand your intuition. All information that you download is intended to support you in shifting your subconscious beliefs and energy patterns in order to create inner peace and sustainable breakthrough in your life. 


Debbie Magic is a mindfulness coach + wellness practitioner offering support through Akashic readings, reiki + energy work, Theta Healing + hypnosis. Her commitment is to empower healing in all aspects of being - the mind, body, and spirit - in order to create full integration and sustainable transformation. 

For over five years, Debbie has been incorporating her background in Stress Management + Hypnosis to her work in Usui + Unitarian Reiki and Akashic Guidance.  She believes that deep, lasting change occurs when we shift the subconscious mind from limiting to self-empowering core beliefs. By focusing on the root of the blockage, one can effectively clear ancestral fear-based patterns that may be manifesting as physical ailments and experiences. This, when coupled with energy work and DNA activation, can alter the physiology and create profound change.

Her mission is to awaken the divine within and remind you that you are worthy and supported not in spite of who you are, but because of who you are.