The 150 M Experience is a journey to your inner world. 150 minutes of body, mind & spirit Movement.

Join us for a 150 minutes Spiritual Experience, are your ready to dive in?

For 150 Minutes Experience, You will draw toxins and impurities out of your body, reduce inflammation, and improve your respiratory ailments by clearing the lungs in a salt cave while tunning up with 7 magic acupuncture needles to promote well being and reduce stress. Our meditation will bring you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence. We will create awareness in your chackras by a beautiful meditation with healing sounds.

The combination of a sound bath with tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, native american drums and acupuncture amplifies the therapeutic affect of both therapies. The acupuncture needles act as an antenna, receiving and enhancing the healing sound vibrations produced by the crystal bowls. The needles absorb the vibrations deeper into the tissues of the body, creating a ripple of healing energy from the inside out.

150 M Experience is a short version of The Move-Ment Be Here Now.

Our mission is to bring you to a space where you can forget your stories and connect to your beautiful soul.