The 150 M Experience is a journey to your inner world. 150 minutes of body, mind & spirit Movement.

The guidelines suggest that you spread 150 minutes of Movement during the week, we have created this experience so you will be covered!

Join us for a 150 minutes Spiritual Experience, are your ready to dive in?

Meditation is our starting point

We will start with 45 min of emptying your mind through an Osho active meditationThis ACTIVE MEDITATION is journey that will bring oxygen to the body, liberation to repressed emotions and a clear mind for meditation. Creating space within is vital for this experience. Sitara will facilitate this immersive experience where participants will be blindfolded and taken through 5 stages of breath, Qi gong, shaking meditation and dynamic movement set using curated tunes that connect you to the binaural rhythms of the body.

Movement is our next experience

Following you will start the journey to the body through a Yoga experience lead by Rikki Kamensky. This activation will connect you back with your body, activating your chakras with exercises that will reset these energetic points. Calling the energy back, empowering this energy in your body and learning how to lock this energy within. Rikki has created this combination of asanas to own our energy and feel totally connected to our body and the experience of living in this planet, here & now.

Music is how we integrate this experience

We will connect body + mind + spirit with an unique and powerful musical experience. Participants will be guided to connect with the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR and integrating this experience in all our levels. Zoel will take us on a live musical experience combining the health benefits of Sound Healing utilizing the sounds of Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, native American flutes, drums, chanting and singing also combining the beats of electronic music to create an immersive musical performance.