Fernando Arias: Past life coach.

Holistic Wellness looks at the individual as a whole unit, made of different dimensions or aspects. Life is all encompassing, but once we brake it into the different dimensions or aspects, it is a lot easier to start narrowing where we need to start working in order to increase our overall Wellness level. 

Adding professionally conducted regressions, we can identify past life experiences that affected us at anyone of this level. Once recognized and understood, these issues that might have been carried for centuries or millennia will no longer be an obstacle; healing will take place and we will be able to move ahead and brake away from fears, patterns or understand phobias and chronic pain in any of these areas that will help us move forward in this lifetime.

Once these limiting issues, imprints or believes have come to our understanding and realization and with the assistance and guidance of a coach to help you build your plan, you become unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams and in achieving a better overall holistic wellness in your life. 


Fernando was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and relocated to Miami, Fl in 1989. He was a corporate C level executive for many years living in multiple countries but always knew there was more than the corporate environment. He started expanding his spiritual practices since 1995 to encompass a myriad of holistic practices. Since then he has studied both by himself and under the tutelage of reputable teachers and institutions and has certified himself as: Reiki Master and Teacher, Holistic Wellness and Weight Loss Coach, Past Life Regressions facilitator, Akashic Records consultant and meditation practitioner and teacher. In addition and as of recently, Fernando is the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Miami-Coral Gables chapter. With Fernando’s acquired knowledge, his close to 25 years of experience helping and assisting others through these different practices, he developed his own Holistic Wellness space: Wellness Room Miami, where he offers his services and other different practices from the hand of experts in their respective fields; in a professional, comfortable and relaxing environment.