From 11 AM to 8 PM

The HEALING OASIS is a designated area where you can express personal obstacles, issues and challenges and receive personal growth advice and healing in return. Healers will be in service  provide HEALING & unconditional love in mini sessions.

(Appointments will be booked on site the day of the event at the registration.) #included with your ticket 


Spiritual Divorce (Joyce Haddad)

Subconscious Reprogrammer (Rachel Novetsky)

Bach Flowers Healer (Carlos Aguilar)

Cosmic Healer (Brittany Rachelle)

Brennan Healer (Jaqui Levy)

Shibari Master (Jaqueline Michelle)

Trauma Healer (Ricardo Villalba)

Body Healer (Orlany Perez)

Medical Intuitive (Dr. Allison Snowden)

Hypnotherapist (Lauren Romero)

Theta Healer (Gabi Ugarte)

My name is Gabriela Ugarte, I was born in Lima, Peru, and have been a certified theta healer for 7 years. I work with people to heal terminal illnesses, diseases, disorders, and viruses. The ThetaHealing technique is a therapy technique, where I have a therapeutic conversation with you while in a theta state in this state, you can instantly change the DNA, remove limiting & negative beliefs, heal any disease, illnesses, disorders, and viruses, and allow absolute health into the entire physical body. 

Theta’ stands for the Theta Brainwave, which means you are lowering your brainwaves to 4 - 7 Hertz, an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode. This allows you to safely & consciously access your subconscious mind to make instant changes, that will rid the body of illnesses that are considered incurable.  

This technique is used to heal the body of diabetes, cancer, traumatic experiences, PTSD, chronic illnesses, and psoriasis, alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate deep relaxation, improve mental disorders, and reduce/remove emotional and physical pain.

Lauren is a Certified Hypnotist and Regression Practitioner helping her clients release the effects of trauma and anxiety on a deep emotional level.

Her main focuses have been weight loss, fears & phobias, compulsive behaviors, and financial inhibitions. She works with both adults and children using a combination of hypnosis, regression and NLP. Her goal is to help shift and transform thoughts which cause limiting beliefs, as a result inviting infinite possibilities and transformation on a subconscious level.


My name is Orlany Perez Toro. I am a body architect, joint health facilitator, holistic nutritionist, energy healer, and consciousness facilitator.

My current contribution is showing people how they can perceive, know, be, and receive more so they can choose greater possibilities that will create an even more abundant life.

Dr. Allison Snowden is a renowned healer, coach, medical
intuitive, and Master Theta® Healing Expert with over 15
years of experience serving thousands of clients and students from around the world. Dr. Snowden works with clients and groups worldwide to transform and reprogram their subconscious beliefs and break free from trapped emotions and trauma, to build the success they desire and deserve. Dr. Allison Snowden has a deep passion, intuition, abundant experience, and pure intention to help. Her work has been described as “purely transformative,” “a quantum upgrade,” and “life-changing.” She is known as “a standout in this field” due to her immense gifts. Dr. Snowden’s passion and drive for energetic healing are
anchored in her own transformation from a near-death experience which prompted her quest for healing. As a
result, she experienced a complete transformation of her being and her understanding of the nature of reality. Dr. Snowden is also the founder of the Awakening Institute offering training and certification programs with a unique blend of ThetaHealing, energy medicine, neuroscience, and trauma-informed healing.

Carlos Aguilar is a native of Mexico City. He wrote his first script at the age of sixteen and two years before earning his Communications college degree, he landed a job in Mexico’s biggest television production company, where he created and wrote several sitcoms and telenovelas, mostly oriented toward young audiences. While doing some research to create characters, he ran into the Bach Flower Essences, in 1996, and fell in love with the healing system, becoming a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner from the Bach Center in the U.K. In 2019 a health challenge made him find out about SuJok, the South
Korean healing systems he likes to call “The Medicine of the Future”, and got certified in all levels from the International Sujok Association. He has added Sujok and Triorigin to his practice and now balances his clients’ bodies, minds and emotions through the correspondence, diamond, chakra, meridian and spiral systems contained in their hands. His first novel, “Lightgazers,” was inspired by years of study and practice gained in four continents, with shamans and alternative healing teachers and experts in Bach Flower Essences, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Sujok, Triorigin, Breathing Therapy and Channeling.

She is an Untangling expert specializing in spiritual psychology. Has seen over 1000 clients throughout her career, and is the creator of  “Spiritual Divorce®,” a powerful Quantum UNTANGLING Method that can be applied to yourself and others. Joyce is a bilingual (English & Spanish) FIU graduate who earned her degree in psychology in the USA offering her knowledge and expertise in trauma work, energy and voice alchemy, metaphysics, behavior, energy reprogramming, entrepreneurship. This has led her to devote her passion to her mission for over 20 years in the field of complementary, quantum, and alternative medicine.

I trained under many incredible healers and teachers, and I studied many healing modalities that speak to my heart, including Power Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, ThetaHealing®, Pranic Healing®, Integrative Nutrition™, Access Consciousness Healing®, Holonomic Healing, and crystal sound bowls. I honor and give credit to the masters and teachers who have led me to where I am today. I humbly give thanks to the incredible support that guides me while working with another individual. Ultimately, I know that anything can be healed from a place of unconditional love.

I work from an intuitive place of deep love and kindness. I approach each person in the same gentle loving way I would an innocent child. From this place, I feel I am simply here to remind them of what they already know deep down: that healing is available for everyone and to initiate this healing we must begin to consider the parts of ourselves that we have closed our eyes to.

In yoga and energy work, by embodying and supporting all emotions that surface in a session, we release and begin to heal. We all hold this innate wisdom. It is a gift if we choose to open it.

Ricardo Villalba LAc, DiplOM UTP, is an NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and licensed in the state of Florida. He is a specialist in chronic pain, fatigue, mood disorders, and digestive health using Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Nutrition, and Unified Therapy. After completing eight years of fast paced and high demand military service in the United States Coast Guard as an Electrical Engineer, he followed his passion to serve and educate his community using Chinese and Holistic Medicine that would provide non surgical solutions.

He graduated from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine with a Bachelor in Health Science and Master’s in Oriental Medicine. He is certified by the National Certification Commission for
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. During this time he also pursued pain management and emotional release techniques certification at the Evolutionary Healing Institute.
He sees pain in the body as an opportunity not only to learn and listen to what it can teach us to make adjustments to our daily lives but also to communicate with it, allowing it to guide us back
to optimal health.