From 11 AM to 8 PM

The HEALING OASIS is a designated area where you can express personal obstacles, issues and challenges and receive personal growth advice and healing in return. Healers will be in service  provide HEALING & unconditional love in mini sessions.
(Appointments will be booked on site the day of the event at the registration.) #included with your ticket 


SHAUNDRA HYRE Medicine Woman ( English & Spanish )

MANUEL ZALDANA Spiritual Guide ( English & Spanish )

LAUREN MANZKE Tachyon Energy Healer ( English )

DAMIAN JOSEPH Heart Healer ( English )

BECCA MEDVIN Flower Essence Healing ( English & Spanish )

SADIRA YASMINE Spirit Guide ( English )

LAYLA ROSE Inner Child Healer ( English )

NATHALIE HENRICH Womb & Tantra Healer ( English & Spanish )

BARBARA PEREZ Intuitive Healer ( English & Spanish )

HILDA  Theta Healer ( English & Spanish )

COPPER Crown Activator ( English )


Shaundra Hyre is an American born of Cherokee Indian lineage. 

She is a medicine woman and a healer. She has been working with sacred plants since 2010. She works deeply with Huachuma, Xanga, Kambo, Rape, and Sananga. 

Through her knowledge and experience in many different fields of the healing and shamanic arts. She offers herself to be of service with the plants in combination with : Ascension Adonai Healing Method, Sound Healing, Pineal Tones, and the Rays of Light. 

She is the founder of Tribu Spirit. An online shop who supports indigenous communities in the Amazon by carrying their sacred plant medicines and arts. 

It is her great honor and service to help others awaken into more of their true divine essence, healing deep wounding with a straight connection to source, where we are all one.


Manuel Zaldana was born in El Salvador and emigrated to the US when he was 17 years old. I worked very hard and founded several companies and made myself honored by companies untilI got sick from running many companies at the same time and got sick and that's where I found spirituality and since then my greatest desire is to help my neighbor find his way. In various modalities, joga, reconnection, thetahealing, regressions, healing with sounds, gong, bowls.


Lauren is a Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer whose sessions include Reiki, chakra balancing, Tachyon energy and intuitive guidance to clear blockages, identify patterns to assist you , and bring forth the wisdom of your Soul.

Lauren can also add Light Language codes (speaking and signing) to call in particular energies of resonance,or let go of others, to further calibrate your field and bring forth more calm, confidence, and clarity.  


ThetaHealing has been Damian's most recent avenue of exploration. ThetaHealing is an amazing technique which has helped deepen his understanding of 'how and why creation works on the physical and spiritual levels, and how this relates to us on all levels of our being. Taking us to a dimension that is believed to be the beginning of life itself.

Damian’s yoga and meditation journey began nine years ago when he was invited to take a vinyasa yoga class while casually strolling the streets of New York City.  The magic and sense of belonging was visceral  and he immediately felt a desire to more deeply understand yoga as a form of art and science. This desire led him to India - the birthplace of yoga.

While in India, he lived in an ashram studying Hatha Yoga deepening his knowledge and understanding of this centuries-old practice. After returning to the United States he knew the experiences of India were just the beginning of a lifelong quest to share his love of yoga and meditation. Back in New York City Damian joined Yoga To The People (YTTP) and became certified in Vinyasa Yoga and the 26 posture Hot Yoga practice. With a burning desire to deepen his skills as a teacher and student, he embarked on a journey to South Africa where he committed himself to ten days of silence and meditation at the Vipassana Center under the guidance of the late Satya Narayan Goenka.  This awakening experience led him to switch to a plant-based lifestyle which has had profound effects especially a sense of lightness-of-being.


Becca Medvin is a clairvoyant, flower essence practitioner, tantric yogini from the Sri Vidya lineage,  and breathwork facilitator. She is also the creator of Rainbow Magic Flower Essences, vibrational remedies using the energetic medicine of flowers.
The earth communicates with Becca through her clairvoyance, and a few years ago, living in the woods in New Hampshire, she began her journey of working with the magic of flower essences. What she learned is that flowers carry frequencies that have the power to heal us, transform us, and teach us how to embody more of our light. The flowers want to share their medicine with the world and assist more in this planetary awakening. When Becca began creating her own flower essences, she was able to see more clearly, shift energy rapidly, and connect to her spirit and the spirit of the earth in a deeper way than she ever had before. It is her passion to share this medicine with the world, to help people release deep patterns of imbalance and stress, guiding them back to the patterns of well-being that are their birthright.
Rainbow Magic Flower Essences are made by Becca Medvin with this intention in mind, to help people feel supported as they grow into their own essence, so they can bring their unique medicine out into this world.


Sadira is a gifted psychic, healer and divine channel. Her greatest passion is guiding others to find freedom and expansion in their lives.

Sadira offers a range of services including psychic mentorship, and assistance removing karmic and ancestral blocks. Her healing services are centered on transmuting and clearing core issues that cause unhappiness, disempowerment, anxiety and illness. Her energy is nurturing and powerful. In her work, she connects with her clients’ higher self, ancestors and other spiritual and healing guides such as Angels. She values working with people from all walks of life, ages, and cultures.

She believes that by feeling more and thinking less, you can heal yourself.




Layla Rose’s passionate purpose is to welcome people back home into their Zero Point Field of pure potential through the art of PLaY

Her training followed by experience in Acting, Theater Production, Improvisation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Theta Healing, and Early Childhood Development through Waldorf Education~ all play a part in a healing adventure with her.

She has been facilitating one on one sessions virtually as well as in person, playshop gatherings, and comedy performances around the world to inspire our Inner Child to be set free into an embodied state she likes calling our “Child Body”.

Her intentional vision is to assist with returning planet earth to be a multidimensional playground of pure possibility~ where all feel safe and supported to PlaY the game of life fully with a fragrance of wild innocence


With many years of experience as a doctor in oriental medicine, sound healer, reiki master, postpartum doula, tantrika and other modalities of healing arts Nathalie has been helping women to remember their ancient wisdom and step fully into their feminine power.

After facing a decade of emotional and physical abuse in her former marriage, she was able to heal mentally and physically through spiritual and holistic teachings and that is where her spiritual journey began. She decided to redirect her life and learned to trust my spiritual guides which lead her to a path where she could incorporate all her gained knowledge to help restore health of body, mind and spirit.

Her lectures appeal to those who are looking for inspiring messages on empowerment of women, and reflect her conviction as a woman determined to rise.

Nathalie profoundly believes that any woman can stand in her feminine essence and create her own queendom at the same time.


Barbara Perez is a Certified ThetaHealer®. She has completed Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and God, Manifesting and Abundance, Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy Seminars in the Theta Healing Technique. Using her intuitive connection to source energy she specializes in clearing limiting beliefs that have been passed on to us or created through trauma and abuse. By clearing the core limiting beliefs, Theta can relieve anxiety, physical and emotional pain, release fears, and resentments that hold you back. Theta Healing changes the belief systems creating these issues, therefore transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing.

Barbara has been on her spiritual development path for over 10 years and has also attended several Seminars at the Deepak Chopra center in Carlsbad, Ca. Has attended seminars by Mike Dooley from TUT -The Universe Talks, Hay House- Louise Hay events and seminars. Abraham-Hicks Seminars, and Dr. Wayne Dyer seminars.

Barbara is a compassionate, and nurturing practitioner that provides a safe and secure atmosphere in her sessions.


Hilda was born with a variety of psychic abilities, which evolved throughout her life journey. At the age of 12, she knew that she was on this earth to guide others as a healer and she needed to become a nurse. As a registered nurse, she has been able to use her intuitive gifts to assess and heal her patients, acclimate to their illness or helping them to cross over. Hilda became a Theta Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master, which transformed the nature of her healing abilities. Her soul purpose in life is to improve people’s journeys by identifying spiritual barriers, releasing past traumas and creating a healthier, magical and optimistic future.


Copper's Gift is activating beings crowns and opening a portal for your sacred soul signature to come through , while deeply rooting into your body.
Her ability to tap into ones highest potential and download their empowered version into their here and now, is an elegant embodiment process.

Sessions with her feel like a predestined anointing into your natural state of royalty.
Her clairvoyance ability to see beyond this physical realm, allows the full etheric realm to be expressed into material matter like a feather landing onto the earth.

Her training and experience as a Yoga Instructor, Theta Practitioner, Cosmetologist, and Dreadlock Specialist ~ all create an experience where your highest expression of yourself can merge into your physical body organically and joyously.

From crown to root you will remember your innate Royal Beauty, your connection to source will shine above as a glimmering crown, while your soul resting in the throne of your beautiful body.

She is currently on the journey to acquiring her PHD in Metaphysics to deepen her ability to hold space for these transformation.
Her mission and vision is to merge all Soul-Bodies, and awaken the glowing avatars we were born to be~ so we can all crown and celebrate Planet Gaia as castle of heaven on earth as one.