From 11 AM to 8 PM

The HEALING OASIS is where you can express personal obstacles, issues and challenges one on one with our healers and receive personalized advice and healing energy in return. Healers will be in full service to support YOU exactly as you are, while providing HEALING practices showering you with unconditional love within an intimate safe mini session container.

(Appointments will be available for booking on site at the day of the event upon your arrival at our "Orientation Point")

All included with your ticket !


Transformational Tarot ( Marcie James )

Medical Intuitive ( Hilda Vega )

Decodification ( Luis Mayer )

Flower Essence Healing ( Becca Medvin )

Hypnotherapist ( Hazel Helm )

Energy Healing ( Paula Dinaro )

Holistic Health Coach ( Orlany Perez)

Vedic Astrologer ( Anna Mukhina )

Body Psychic ( Amanda Metta )

Soul Guide ( Seven )

Spiritual Divorce ( Joyce Haddad )

Healing Oasis- The Movement be here now-Joyce Haddad

Joyce Haddad. She is an Untangling expert specializing in spiritual psychology. Has seen over 1000 clients throughout her career, and is the creator of  “Spiritual Divorce®,” a powerful Quantum UNTANGLING Method that can be applied to yourself and others. Joyce is a bilingual (English & Spanish) FIU graduate who earned her degree in psychology in the USA offering her knowledge and expertise in trauma work, energy and voice alchemy, metaphysics, behavior, energy reprogramming, entrepreneurship. This has led her to devote her passion to her mission for over 20 years in the field of complementary, quantum, and alternative medicine.


Spiritual Divorce®

An Untangling Quantum Energy-Healing Method that DeCodes and untangles anyone and anything to release attachments and trauma bonds with the mind, body, soul, and the technology of the energy “fields” to activate the Light code.


What a guest can expect:

In a session with Marcie you can expect to be listened to and supported. With her compassion and guidance, you will get to root of your challenge and reframe old belief systems that have kept you stuck.

Marcie will encourage you towards your own empowerment and purpose, with her wisdom and the magic of the Tarot.

Hilda was born with a variety of psychic abilities, which evolved throughout her life journey. At the age of 12, she knew that she was on this earth to guide others as a healer and she needed to become a nurse. As a registered nurse, she has been able to use her intuitive gifts to assess and heal her patients, acclimate to their illness or helping them to cross over. Hilda became a Theta Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master, which transformed the nature of her healing abilities. Her soul purpose in life is to improve people’s journeys by identifying spiritual barriers, releasing past traumas and creating a healthier, magical and optimistic future.

Luis Mayer is a being who chose as his life purpose accompanying the integration of the being in coherence and well-being, from vulnerability, authenticity and self-observation, through individual and group experiences of impact. For this, he develops integrative coaching and numerological decoding as therapies for the deprogramming of the mind and expansion of consciousness.

A few sentences on what a guest could expect when sitting with you.

know the language of the universe through numbers questioning through question channeling co-creation of a state of reflection know your natural numerological vibrations to lighten your learning process a moment of connection and love for the sigh of your soul.

Becca Medvin BA, MFA, RYT 500, is a Sri Vidya tantric yogini who weaves together clairvoyance, flower essences, hatha yoga, meditation, and breathwork. She is the creator of Rainbow Magic Elixirs, vibrational flower remedies. Flowers are beautiful teachers and healers, and they’re all around us always. Becca loves connecting people to the medicine of flowers, to the beauty already growing around them, and to the medicine inside each of us. 


Flower Essence Healings are clairvoyant readings supported by the flowers. They help you clear your auric field so you have more space to connect with your own answers and higher knowing.  Becca also sees which flowers could support you most at this time, and she’ll give you recommendations for flowers to work with.

I help everyday people who are seeking everyday changes in their life. In accessing the truth within themselves and purposefully nurturing and soothing those truths we can create the life we desire. My clients become free of old programming from early childhood. We then begin programming a whole new life. Simple direct suggestion (traditional hypnotherapy) is not enough - we must first remove the old programming. I do this through the use of advanced hypnotic tools and a very simple, yet effective process that allows practitioners to experience the reality that they prefer.

I spent nearly 15 years as a successful female in the male dominated oil and gas world. However, success did not bring happiness and when the lack of happiness both in my personal and professional life became too much I sought out various modalities of healing. From reframing my past trauma with EMDR to retraining my brain waves with EEG, from traditional pharmaceuticals to ayahuasca in the jungle, from kundalini yoga and acupuncture to tantra and idol worship, from life coaches to reiki healing, from breath work in Costa Rican jungles to Sadhana in Indian ashrams..the list goes on - I have tried it all. 

Each healing modality had something to offer but for me hypnotherapy was the tipping point. It was the key to unlocking the narrative in my subconscious brain and rewriting the story that works for me. I had spent years seeking but in just 3 months of intensive hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis I changed my life. I quit my unfulfilling job and started my own business, I found new friendships after years alone on the journey, and I went on to found my life partner whom with I now share a child. Not to mention I stopped drinking, went vegetarian (now Vegan), and had a natural unmedicated birth in my living room.

Hypnotherapy - specifically 5-Path and 7-Path Self Hypnosis gave me the courage, confidence and self-worth to move forward. Not all hypnosis is created equal but for the committed practitioner these tools work every time. 

I am a spiritual Being living human experiences. My mission is to bring Peace and Joy, Life Coach, Mentor and guide for Spiritual Awakening, Meditation and affirmative prayer teacher. Intuitive Energy Healer, Degree in Quantum Healing, Sanergia® The Connection -Master in Clinical Hypnosis, Creator of the “Dance Meditation” method. For more than 4 years, I have had my own podcast “La Burbuja” Speaker on multiple platforms in both Spanish and English such as The World Happiness Fest and Happynar Global. Co-Author - "Together is Better" and "Summarium, Personal Happiness",

I dedicate myself to accompanying leading women and men to discover peace in their lives thanks to R.A.I.S.E. my unique model for self-discovery and re-connection with your divinity, to have a more balanced, harmonious and joyful life.

Soy un Ser espiritual viviendo experiencias humanas.  Mi misión es traer Paz y Alegria

Life Coach, Mentora y guia para el Despertar Espiritual, Maestra de Meditacion y Oracion afirmativa. Intuitive Energy Healer

Licenciada en Sanacion Cuantica, Sanergia® La Conexión - Master en Hipnosis Clínica, Creadora del método  “Dance Meditación” desde hace mas de  4 años, tengo mi propio podcast “La Burbuja”  Conferencista  en multiples plataformas tanto en español como en ingles como The World Happiness Fest Y Happynar Global, Co-Autora - “Juntas es Mejor” y “Summarium, Felicidad Personal”, Me dedico a acompañar las mujeres y hombres lideres a descubrir la paz en sus vidas gracias a R.A.I.S.E. mi modelo único para el auto descubrimiento y la re-conexión con su divinidad, para tener una vida mas balanceada, armoniosa y alegre.

Orlany is a powerful body healer and alchemist who works with the elements of water, earth, fire, air and ether in order to help people connect with their inner alchemy and unwind their bodies so they can become fully expressed and pain free.

During our mini-session you can expect… a full body posture reading, assessment of your current compensations and a personalized protocol to get your started in your Aligned Journey.



-Chart Rectification.
- Full chart analysis. Answer to all you questions : Career, Hobby, Children, Marriage, Education, Finance, Relocation,  Sport , Your strong or weak sides.
-Career analysis : What kind of profession is the right for you? Will you be a business owner or work in the office, is it better to be solo or with partners? Where is the most income ?
-Major life events for a year. (Solar Return, Transits, Planetary periods).
- Relationships compatibility (Make sure you have the exact time of birth of your partner).
-Marriage. How do you meet your partner, what’s their type. How many marriages/divorces.

Amanda Metta LMT, CST, CHt (the body-psychic) is an experienced healer of 18 years, who is passionate about helping others uplevel their vibrational foundation through embodiment practices. As a Touch Intuitive, she weaves her indiginous wisdom into an unique healing experience assured to soothe you at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Seven is an intuitive healer from Virginia who travels all around the world sharing her healing wisdom through the power of music and channeled guidance.  Under her business Wild Hara, she offers Sound Healing Sessions, Reiki 1/2 & Master Teacher Training, and Soul Purpose Guidance Mentorship. Seven teaches her clients how to tap into their most confident and authentic selves. Seven guides this process and trusts it helps people turn their pain into purpose and live an empowered life. 

During your time with Seven, she will ask powerful questions that will help open up your heartsoul channels to allow you to speak clearly as to what your desires and needs are for your life right now. 

And as your Soul Guide, she is here to help you integrate and install all of your growth into your heartsoul to become your fullest authentic self ✨ to live prosperously & on purpose!