From 11 AM to 11:11 PM

The HEART STAGE is where Inspiring Facilitators and Mindfulness experts will guide you to the present moment, teaching different tools to remove you from the chaos of the mind and guide you to the present moment, where peace lives. Yoga, Active Meditations, Music, Dance Ceremony, Movement and Thought Provoking Techniques.
ALL included with your ticket 


11:11 AM - WATER BLESSING by Jen Rose

12 PM - FLOWER CEREMONY by Josie Castañeda

1 PM - BREATH OF LIFE by Christina Sudduth

2 PM - MULTI SENSORY YOGA by Megan & Rob Newmans

4 PM - CACAO EXPERIENCE  by Oxana Samuylova


6 PM - KAP EXPERIENCE by Africa, Ghistar & Marianela

8 PM - MUSIC EXPERIENCE, The Sound Of Nature by Zoel


the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-JEN ROSE

Little River Water Blessing:

Jen Rose will honor the indigenous Tequesta lineage of Miami’s Little River by singing and drumming native water songs to the water.

Together we will pray for the waters of Florida, and the oceans, rivers and streams across the planet.
Rose Water Ceremony:
Alive, pure spring water will be infused with the essence of Rose refreshing and activating our Heart chakra. Our Water invocation will activate and cleanse the water inside of our bodies, integrating sacred geometry codes as well as elevating the mind and spirit. We will collectively set our 11:11 Intentions during our Rose Water Ceremony aligning our hearts with the element of Water.
Special thanks to our water sponsor: Alive Waters


The Sacred Art of Flowers is a collaborative experience in creating a floral healing energy vortex. We will learn about these sacred geometry diagrams, the role of flowers, and the coordinating sacred sounds that activate them. The workshop will end with a water ritual that will consecrate and attune your energy to the vortex. Wear comfortable clothing, pastel colors if possible. Note there will be the use of water on the body.


This modality is an active circular breathing technique that allows you to access your own inner wisdom and healer by initiating a non-ordinary state of consciousness for Self exploration.

Our bodies hold tremendous gifts for self-healing and expansion, and through this method of breathwork, you may experience some of the following outcomes:

  • a release of excess energy held in the body from unprocessed emotions
  • access to new inspiration, perspective, or revelations on various topics of your life
  • clarity as you connect more deeply to your true essence
  • emotional healing, release, and/or forgiveness for self and others
  • enhanced energy and well-being

Guided by music and your breath, each session is unique and can become a valuable tool for your own growth and alignment with your highest expression. While this modality does take some effort, it is a safe, supportive, and interesting way to deepen into yourself.

the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-mental health-sitara-sitara-meditation-essential oils


On 11/11/22 you will experience a yoga class like no other.
As you place your mat you will start smelling the essential oils around you, Megan Newmans will present choices of essentials oils to use during the practice while Rob supports with sound healing in the background to help relieve stress and anxiety, to relax, to let go all that doesn’t serve you anymore, and reset.
Learn how to use essential oils on and off the mat to integrate a natural approach to your life and balance your physical and emotional wellbeing.
Harness your energy through pranayama and aromatherapy breath activation.
Feel into your body through yoga and expansive movement

the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-mental health-sitara-sitara-meditation-raway


Cacao Goddess Oxana Samuylova will guide you into the unique and ultimate cacao #beherenowexperience.
You will taste different kinds of organic raw cacao and discover its healing and medicinal aspects that make it so magical.
You will learn about the history of cacao and its ancient practices.
Inviting cacao spirit into our daily life brings intention, meaning and fun.
Together we will open our hearts and connect with this beautiful grandmother energy of cacao, which will guide us into a deep connection with nature, Mother Earth, and her healing power.

the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-mental health-sitara-sitara-meditation


The DNA Activation is the key to enlightenment. We all carry this codes within that define us who we are physically, emotionally and mentally. This only represent less than 10% of our DNA. The rest is consider junk or dormant but in that 90% lies the codes that are not comprehensive to our physical realm. The DNA also carry the the codes of lineages and star seeds. In this portal of 11/11/22  you will be able to awaken and remember some dormant multidemensional codes, unplug yourself from the matrix and cut energetic cords to leave in a conscious free world remembering all that you are.

Sitara is the author of Own Your Power; A life Plan to become the master of your life. She is also an instructor of Basic and advance Theta Healing DNA Activation and Co-Founder of The Movement Be Here Now.

the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-mental health-sitara-sitara-meditation-essential oils-

is the transmission of  2 energies blending at the same time.  KAP ( Kundalini Activation Process) is a path of surrender and is not a self generating process.

The energy comes down to the crown chakra into the body to your root chakra where your kundalini is resting. It builds up creating a micro orbit of energy flowing up and down and also crossing your heart chakra in a natural and safe way.

What do you may experience?  Body movements, yoga poses, mudras, twinkling sensation, warm energy, cold energy, muscle contractions and shaking. Other people experience visions, seeing lights or emotional releases like crying, screaming, blissful states, joy, peacefulness, pleasure and laughter.  People have reported life changing experiences.

Fast or eat very light 3 hours prior to the session. Lie  down on the mat with eyes closed and believe in Magic. Be Open, Surrender to something that is bigger than your physical body . You just have to experience it without expectations!

the-movement-be-here-noe-oasis-meditation-11-11-22-mindfulnes-yoga-breathwork-meditation-music-kap-curanderismo-plant-the-future-miami-mental health-zoel-zoelmusic


The bumblebee buzzing in the park, a mockingbird singing in the evening, a stream of water,  or a bullfrog croaking in a nearby pond are just a few examples of the wonderful and varied sounds that nature offers.

Live musical experience facilitated by The Movement Co-Founder Zoel.

We are frequency and vibration our bodies resonate at unison with mother nature. when we listen to the sounds of nature our whole body tunes to the perfect vibration of this earth.

There is music in nature.

In this music expererience we will  explore the Sounds that Mother Nature holds. 

Combining the healing effects of Tibetan & quartz bowls, native American flutes, handpan and drums, we will  find peace , reduce stress and step  into a pure state of awareness .