From 11 AM to 11 PM

The HEART STAGE is where Inspiring Facilitators and Mindfulness experts will guide you to the present moment, teaching different tools to remove you from the chaos of the mind and guide you to the present moment, where peace lives. Yoga, Active Meditations, Music, Dance Ceremony, Movement and Thought Provoking Techniques. #included with your ticket 


11 AM - THE 5 ELEMENTS ACTIVATION by Antonina Canal


1 PM - JUST BREATH by Marlon Petzold

2 PM - THE LOVE JOURNEY by Jeanette Rios & Brandon Evans

3 PM - THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX by Betsy Dopico

4 PM - SACRED VENUS, SACRED MARS by Nia Perez Herrera & Jeff Parker

5 PM - OWN YOUR POWER by Sitara

6 PM - 11 11 ASTRAL TRAVEL by Apollonia

7 PM - FEEL THE FRUIT by Alejandro Glatt

8 PM - MADRE TIERRA by Gracia, Giselle, Paloma, Jeanette

9 PM - ELEMENTS  by Zoel



We are 5 energy bodies: earth, water, air, fire and ether. Our health, well-being, balance and happiness depend on the balance of these 5 bodies. In this beautiful ritual we will activate the 5 energy bodies through sacred dances, movements that activate the 7 chakras and energy centers, purifying and releasing stagnant energy and anchoring in the unconscious a new pattern of empowerment and harmony. 

This opening ceremony will move your inner fibers inviting you to move from thinking so much to feeling, opening your heart, getting out of linear thinking, embracing the miracle of your existence and celebrating the beauty of life in love, power, wisdom and gratitude. 

Life is a dance and when the body dances the heart shines, dancing is the shortest way to happiness. When we heal ourselves we heal the planet and that is the most important job.


Integrating different aspects of Yoga, the Ahana Experience invites you to start your class by grounding down. You will then be invited to go deeper into your practice with Bhakti Yoga, a form of devotional yoga, through singing Kirtan- call and response chanting of ancient mantra mixed with the sound of musical instruments namely the harmonium. From there you will be led through a warm-up connecting movement to breath, preparing you for the power of the Asana flow, to find the balance of strength and flexibility for both your body and mind. Class closes with restorative postures leading you into savasana with ease and tranquility.


In this class you will Aligned, expand and raise your vibrations through the power of guided pranayama breath-work. Controlled breathing has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, increate alertness and boost immune system functions. When we breathe with intention we give our body permission to bring to the surface suppressed emotions specifically linked to an experience we had in the past. 

Combining this power practice with sound, vibration and positive affirmations we will breakthrough old limiting beliefs and build on a foundation of love and safety. 

Whether you are breathing for the first time or are a veteran in the practice, every experience is different. Class available for all ages. Guided in English.


The Love Journey with Jeanette Rios and Brandon Evans is an interactive concert experience transporting you deep within your heart. 

With the angelical voice of Jeanette and the presence of Brandon you will return to the womb, 

reunite with your inner child, travel to different stages of the Love of self ad finally embrace the Love of all. Everyone is invited to this unforgettable experience.


During the Rise of the Phoenix experience, we will apply the philosophy of rebirthing from the ashes, using the magic of the movement to clean, move, heal and transform. Flowing with the music we are going to move in an easy, organic and fun way, connecting consciously one movement to another, 

experiencing the 4 elements and adding the power of intent. 

You will rise feeling your inner power, waking up to your divine nomenclature and opening your wings to start the higher flight.


In this workshop we will remember the dance of the first dance, when masculine and feminine polarities created all life… journeying our primal polarity in a consensual exploration of these energies in our bodies and the bodies of others. Through play and puja we open our hearts to a deeper level of compassion with the opposite sex and program a new paradigm for authentic human relating. We will walk each other home on themes of safety, trust, surrender, vulnerability, presence and understanding.


This is an active meditation, presented by Sitara co-founder of The Move-ment and Author of the book presented in the Book Corner “Own Your Power”

This class is an excerpt of the Book where Sitara initiates you to conquer the four powers within; The Power to Release, The Power of Emptiness, The Power of Connection and The Power of Celebration.

In this sneak peek your will taste different meditations with music specially created by Sitara & Zoel to dive in the mysteries of Self.

Come prepare to remove layers and connect to the journey of remembering where your true power lies.


Tap into your creative gifts with Dream Weaver, Apollonia Keys as she takes you on a channeled & guided astral travel meditation. Accompanied with experiential sound science attunement collectively raise vibrations and meet your higher self in order to see who you truly can BE in this physical plane using the 11:11 portal as a gateway to the metaphysical world of limitless possibilities.

Weaving sacred ceremonial practices, quantum healing, sacred geometry, soul gazing and envisioning exercises reunite you with your ancestors, guides and angelic realms and reflect on your life's purpose and reclaim your dream fulfillment in this 45 minute practice.


This is an interactive experience fo you to connect to the richness wisdom that fruit carries. You will use all your senses to discover a new perspective of the valuable gifts that Pachamama offers us. 

Everyone is invited  to discover and establish a new connection with the sacred fruits. 


.Madre Tierra - The Prayer

Is an offering of gratitude and deep respect for the 4 elements and all 7 directions
In this Sacred Space Gracia Maria will share an indigenous prayer of permission to the guardians of the land to initiate the ceremony alongside with Sarah B, Paloma Tepi and Giselle Schreiner

The offering will close with an interactive ritual that will have you feel deeply rooted in the womb of our Mother yet so cosmically activated.


I have prepared a musical journey to experience the ELEMENTS. Combining the powerful effects of music with meditation and a deep connection to dance music. 

A live musical experience combining the health benefits of Sound Healing utilizing the sounds of Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, native American flutes, drums, chanting and singing.The beats of electronic music will create an immersive musical performance. 

Sounds of water, combined with violin melodies and soft percussion. Sounds of Air (wind) will follow, a guest musician will join her as he plays sounds from Native American Flutes. Sounds of fire will follow, combined with different instruments used in music ceremonies like drums, seeds, didgeridoo, etc. The last element that participants will connect to is Earth, sounds of wood drums will connect us to the earth. 💧💨🍃🔥


Kaheal is a master of fire ceremony and of metafestation. One of his keys to metafestion is through candle light and dance. It’s a cocreated moment for you to pause from the distractions of everything and metafest from your inner core fire. We will flow through a guided candle gazing meditation and move into a individual ecstatic dance to truly focus on our intention and broadcast our metafestion out and into reality!.