MARIO GENTZSCH: Theba Hypnotist.

Theba therapist together with hypnosis in order to aid people to help them find their inner peace through their own experience and growth. Aiding everyone to understand their Life’s path.

Started off studying law and business, worked for a decade as a lawyer in a multi-lingual environment in cross border operations. 

After looking for other areas to develop my professional career, not only did the spiritual appeal more, it was the true answer to my queries and a logical response to my existence. 

As such, yoga practitioner since 1997. Practice yoga breathing in every situation. 

Since 2011, educated by Johanna and Heidemarie Masurka who have and currency still act as my guides to be able to work with colors, the hebraic alphabet, Theba and the ascended Masters. 

In 2018 I did two Brian Weiss workshops in Rhinebeck, NY where I was able to learn and put into practice all the knowledge learnt.

Since  2019 I became a certified hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotherapists.

Since 2018 started sharing the knowledge of THeba to others.

Heal past life events to secure current life mission and growth in order to continue in the line that was established for you in this life.