Martín Llorens is an award winning author and renowned fashion and lifestyle expert with a passion for empowering the Latino community with the tools and techniques necessary to dress for success, improve self-esteem & live the life of their dreams.

Born in Spain, Martín came to the US after completing his MA in Advertising & PR at the Complutense University of Madrid. As a budding professional, he took the world of public relations by storm and ultimately created his own national marketing company, Conexión.

From his early days as a spokesperson for renowned fashion companies, he become a fashion expert on Univision Network’s morning show Despierta América, presenting fashion weekly segments. Shortly after, he successfully launched his own national radio show Hola Martín on the Univison network Radiocadena focusing on helping audiences find the balance between inner & outer beauty.

From 2009 until 2014, his popular television show 'Hola Martín, Estilo de Vida' and 'Tu Vida Más Simple' broadcasted daily for three seasons in more than 16 countries, including the US, on Fox Life.

Martín made his debut as an author with 'Descubre Tu Estilo: Tu Guía Para Vestir Mejor' (Discover Your Style, Your Guide to Dressing Better), published by Random House in 2009. In this critically acclaimed book, he teaches the art of dressing according to their body type, regardless of their age, size & budget. In his 2nd book, 'Vive La Vida De Tus Sueños' (Live the Life of Your Dreams, Your Guide to Success & Happiness), published by C.A. Press a Penguin Group Publication in 2012, he shares his journey, exercises and advice to have a healthy body, mind and spirit. This highly anticipated book was awarded Best Spiritual/New Age Book of 2012 at the 30th annual International Latino Book Awards. In his latest book, 'With Your Permission, Love Yourself', published by Harper Collins in 2017, Martín explores the universe of consciousness to help awaken our true potential and inner beauty.