Monica Reyes is an inspirational speaker, mindset and mindfulness expert, business consultant, entrepreneur, attorney, and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, bringing Ancient Wisdom to Modern Business and Life. Using proven programs based in Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness, Buddhism, and Energy Psychology, Monica teaches mothers how to live with inspiration and passion, in the present moment, for transformation in self, relationships, and business.

Monica is a licensed attorney and as the owner of a fast growing and multimillion dollar law firm for several years, and saw the impact of spirituality and mindfulness when braided with leadership on her staff of 40. She began to teach this to those around and quickly saw the transformation of her immediate circle of friends and family. She ultimately left the practice of law to follow her passion for business and spiritual mentoring and founded Spiritual Success Coaching that focuses on working with high level women entrepreneurs and executives.

She is the founder of the Mindful Modern Mama, a mindful community and life program for mothers that celebrates the working mama for everything she is to the world. She's the glue that holds families together, the love that can take down mountains and raise armies, and the creative power that keeps the human race moving.

She has become a sought after inspirational speaker in the area of women empowerment, mindfulness/meditation, spirituality and transformation. She works with companies and corporations and provides employees and executives with transformational programs. She currently lives in Pinecrest, FL with her husband Ian Welsch, her 4 year old daughter and 3 month old son.