Priscilla Rose





Love is the Primordial Life Force I work with in my sessions. Amazingly, there is an Unlimited Energy of Love that we can Always tap into. I have been Connected to the Spiritual World for as long as I can remember & Healing with my Hands has been Natural to me since I was very young. I also have a deep Appreciation for our Planet & the Plants Provided for us. 

Learning and Expanding my Consciousness is on my top favorite things to do and through Different Forms of Meditation I continue to dive deeper into the Waters of Everlasting Love to Heal myself and Help others find their Natural Born Healing Gifts. 

I am 5th Lineage Usui-Reiki II Certified and currently finishing my graduate program to become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 

Uniting the Family is another Passion close to my Heart (Ultimately Connecting our Entire Family on this Planet), but I have realized that Healing one Individual at a Time through Love results in Miraculous & Beautiful Self-Healing that in turn Connects more Soul-Beings into the Energy of Love. The Power in Knowledge is Stretched Exponentially when we Share what we’ve Learned with Others by Simply Being Connected to the Heart. My Background in Psychology & Advanced Energy Healing allow me to Become a Clear Vessel & Understand where the Healing needs to take place. 

The Heart and Mind are the areas I focus on clearing the most & where I have seen incredible effects when working with clients. The Heart is our Second Brain; it feels even before the Mind comprehends. If we Allow our Heart to Guide us, we will always Flow in the Direction our Soul knows is best. Many of my clients come in with a sort of cloudiness that surrounds their mind and/or heart. I begin my sessions by cleansing the Mind, Heart, and Body using Scents, Sounds, and my Hands, in which I allow the Unlimited Supply of Love Force to Flow through me and Directly into the areas your Soul-Being Empowers. This provides a sense of Ease and Relaxation. From there we can begin our individual Love Healing through Connection and Conversation, where in order to Accept More Love Flow, we must Release what is occupying its Space (that which is no longer making sense to hold on to). 

Releasing can happen in a variety of forms and the majority of my clients shed a few tears during their experience (Crying is possibly the deepest form of release). [The Initial Cleansing helps to allow us to Surrender more into our Heart and Soul’s knowing.] We release what no longer serves us and send it back into the Universe after Transmuting it through Love. When releasing, I encourage my clients to repeat this phrase with me:

I’m sorry. 

Please forgive me. 

Thank you. 

I love you. 

Whatever we release did serve a purpose in our life at some point, but holding on to something for too long can result in blockages such as cloudiness in our minds or physical aches and pains. Meet with me if you wish to move through life more Effortlessly and Freely, to clearly listen to & follow your Heart’s desires to guide your path in the way it knows best. 

I will be using treasures, gifts & instruments I have gathered along my recent travels through America, Guatemala & Peru. Providing space in Love is a Blessing that I Love to Receive & Equally Enjoy Giving. 

In reality, I will be Holding Space with Love for you while you become your own Healer. We are all Supreme Creators in our lives: our thoughts, opinions, and actions matter more than anything. Love is the easiest Path I have discovered to provide Ultimate Healing of all issues, injuries, and pains in the mental/spiritual/physical bodies. Surrender to the Love Flow. When we choose to become our best selves, we become our best Healers & I will assist in guiding you to Rediscover your own Unique Gifts & Power.