Class 01


( NIa Perez Herrera )

The offering for the movement would be a opening portal of protection and love to open the space for the highest frequencies to Join us during the day in support with the drum to acknowledge our ancestors in gratefulness for the day that we get to experience because the walked before us. Opening the hearts to the healing vibration of the drum, the vibration of life the vibration of the beat of the heart also fortifying our throats and lungs by singing strongly and by repeating affirmations and songs entering a meditative altered state of mind. Spreading high frequencies from our bodies to our homes, neighborhood, cities and planet.

We will finish with offerings of milk, flowers and honey to mother Nature to leave portals of beauty around the globe. Learning that this type of offering of love we can practice it for ourselves, our partners, deities or loved ones in any special occasion that we want to celebrate and bless us or them like the Goddesses and Gods that we are.

FOR THE CLASS: IF POSSIBLE : Have - flowers, milk, honey, leaves to gift your beautiful offering.

Class 02


( Martin Dvantman ) Spanish

Los Angeles y Guias estan siempre aqui para ayudar y dar consejos, en estos momentos mas que nunca! En la canalizacion se brindaran valiosas informaciones para poder aplicar en tu vida y transformarla en un presente cada vez mejor. Podras realizar preguntas al finalizar.

Class 03

10:00-10:45 AM - FAMILY YOGA

( Rikkin Kamensky - Inhale Miami )

Get your yoga on - bring the kids! Family Yoga

All Ages, all Levels

Practice yoga with your kids or let them play next to you while you get your yoga practice in.

Breathe, move, sweat and relax with the comfort of having your child(ren) right near you and occupied with kids and toys.

This unique class allows adults and teenagers to learn basic yoga and breathing techniques and fitting in a practice during the busy school week.

Class 04


( Sitara Meditation )

Through shaking and dancing the body-mind -spirt joins and then it happens, all thinking stop. Osho Kundalini Meditation lasts has four stages, the first three stages are done with music, and the last without.

Class 05

12:00 -12:45 PM - AKASHIC RECORDS

( Debbie Magic)

The Akashic Records store all information from our past lives, our present experiences, and every possibility for the future. Think of it as a library of limitless information and guidance. In this library, the insights and teachings are cared for by Guides and Masters.

I will be leading a 45-minute hypnosis that will allow you to access your subconscious and enter your Akashic Records. Here, you’ll be able to connect with your Guides and gain clarity and guidance around your experiences, soul lessons, and karmas. Now is a time of major transformation and you play a pivotal role in that. You’re being called to activate your own intuition and connect directly with your own Guides and Inner Knowing. If this resonates, join me and countless other spiritual leaders as we lead you on a full-day mindfulness journey.

Class 06


( Tiffany Nicole )

Lets fill up our life with as much magic as possible by learning how to fully align our thoughts with everything we desire to be, do, and have. In this Jam packed Masterclass Im breaking down my 5 Step proven process to manifesting your desires into reality by removing any limiting beliefs that are getting in the way!

You will Learn how to: 

Zero in on EXACTLY what you want out of life.

Find out what limiting beliefs you have stored in your subconscious mind that continues to sabotage your success.

How to quickly shift your negative thoughts to empowering ones.

Recognize and see clearly how thoughts create reality.

Successfully use the Law Of Attraction to your advantage.

Manifest your dreams and become an energetic match for what you desire most.

Apply the Proven Practical (5) Step Manifesting Process to making your dreams a reality.

Converse with the universe to attract your deepest desires, instead of your doubts.

Class 07


( Skanda Yoga )

The practice of Skanda Yoga honors the tradition of yoga in its application of alignment, functional movement, conscious breathwork, philosophy, and meditation techniques. The classes present traditional practices in a post-modern system based on the 13- moon calendar in order to align students with Nature’s cyclical patterns.

Class 08

3:00 -3:45 - MOVE-MENT DANCE

( Sitara & Zoel )

THE MOVE-MENT DANCE combines movement, role playing and vocal expression. Supported by Music we will embark in a journey of human Experiences.

Traveling through this different emotions and feelings bringing awareness and understanding to them and releasing them through dance and Movement.

Traveling through hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, laughter, sensuality, chanting, silence, respect and sharing.

Class 09


( Alessandra Santos )

Experience freedom and bliss, and connect with your divine inner guidance through the powerful spiritual technology of breathwork.

As we know, energy is not created or destroyed, only transformed.

Allow your breath you to fill you up with the energy of life, igniting the transformation of unexpressed emotions and old patters.

Surrender to The Breathwork Effect.

Class 10


( Jennifer Pansa )

This 45min deep vinyasa flow class is intended to move stuck energy with dynamic movements while also cultivating a deep sense of relief and calmness through deep stretching and breathwork.

Class 11


( Zoel )

In this MUSICAL EXPERIENCE Zoel has combined the Healing elements of frequencies, vibration and sound, taking participants in a musical journey. We will connect body + mind + spirit with an unique and powerful musical experience. Participants will be guided to connect with the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR and integrating this experience in all our levels.

Zoel will take us on a live musical experience combining the health benefits of Sound Healing utilizing the sounds of Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, native American flutes, drums, chanting and singing also combining the beats of electronic music to create an immersive musical performance.

Class 12


( Cristina Kalyani )

Havan is a sacred hindu ritual, one of the first forms of yoga, mentioned in the Vedas as a form of rituals and incantation

Invoking the deity Agni, fire we offer oblations só may our prayer be heard.

Havan, are said to purify the environment as well as the people around. It is also believed to drive away all negative energies around