Raquel Colomer: Oncological Health Coach

My name is Raquel Colomer. Some of my earliest and best memories were seeing my family cooking and talking while we played until everyone, without television or cell phones, sat down to eat together. Each meal became an experience.
Every time I can, I try to reproduce those moments, here in Miami, thousands of miles from Spain, where I grew up, and for sure it was the inspiration of my passion.

With an MBA, during almost all my professional career, my continuous effort was to improve professionally, climbed the corporate ladder, without stopping to think if I was in the place where I wanted to be. The stress affects to my health, my own insecurities did not make me happy with my body and everything I ate seemed not to be good for me.

So, I took, probably the biggest step in my life, I moved from the world of marketing, management and objectives to the world of perceptions, feelings, and emotions. 

Following this new path during the last years, I have focused on the study of life and health coaching. I am certificated and also member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a fundamental piece in the creation and development of Rama Coach with my friend and partner Marta Jordan.

I practice an ontological approach to health and wellness, which means that as humans, we usually take our interpretations and ways of being for granted. Our ways of seeing, and of interpreting, the world will have been shaped by the narratives in which we have been immersed. From time to time, we need someone “outside ourselves” to help us see what we cannot see – to reveal our cognitive blindness.

I am a mother who is profoundly motivated by my child to excel every day and be a better person. I am an environmentally conscious individual. I love writing and photography. I wrote articles and reported for newspapers like el Nuevo Herald or magazines like ELLE Spain.

I currently collaborate with various non-profit organizations in Florida, and in other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Spain.