Rossana Cornier, MBA: Life Coach & Founder Lucid Ventures, LLC

After over twenty years of combined professional experience in high-level positions at global companies, and serving in the U.S. Air Force, I really thought I had figured it all out. I married the "perfect" man, had three beautiful children, lived in a great home and yet, I was out of balance. Truly out of balance, you see my general practitioner told me so, when she said, “you’re out of balance.” All I could reply was, “I knowwww….”

You see, I had just had a severe Vertigo attack that left me sedated. Shortly after I recovered, I was diagnosed with an unrelated auto-immune disorder - my cells were literally attacking themselves. Both things were indeed a reflection of what was going on in my mind. I sought answers, and subtly, I began to find them. As I sought even more insight and wanted results, I left my comfortable, prestigious and financially secure position at a major company to dig deeper into the science behind the mind-body connection and pursue a Life Coaching certification.

This work opened me up to a whole new way of understanding how the brain is designed to work against you, through primitive programming. This scientifically-proven physiology was extremely eye-opening, and the best part is that there is a way to work around it. Learning these tools has allowed me to truly clarify and articulate what I want most from life, and how best to achieve it. I've been able to get past personal obstacles to create the results I want in my life, work, and relationships. It is my goal now to share these tools with you, so you can live your life to your maximum potential. And in case you are wondering, the aforementioned conditions have completely disappeared from my life.

About Lucid Ventures

Lucid Ventures, LLC is committed to delivering high quality coaching and consulting services to corporations and individuals seeking growth and development, specifically in the areas of Marketing and Professional Development. Lucid Ventures also provides enhanced learning experiences and workshops through cultural experiences, such as unique wine tasting events and marketing and public relations insights to professionals. The company was founded by Rossana Corniel, MBA after she received her life coaching certification and sought to create a unique service model. Through our coaching we will allow you to identify and fill in gaps, overcome weaknesses and excel in a highly visible and demanding role.

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