JUNE 1st. HEART STAGE  1:30 - 3:00 PM

Manifest & Make Shift Happen with Certified Mindset Coach Tiffany Nicole

Life is short lets fill it with as much magic as possible by learning how to fully align our thoughts with everything we desire to be, do, and have. In this Jam packed Masterclass Im breaking down my 5 Step proven process to manifesting your desires into reality by removing any limiting beliefs that are getting in the way!

You will Learn how to: 

  • Zero in on EXACTLY what you want out of life.
  • Find out what limiting beliefs you have stored in your subconscious mind that continues to sabotage your success.
  • How to quickly shift your negative thoughts to empowering ones.
  • Recognize and see clearly how thoughts create reality.
  • Successfully use the Law Of Attraction to your advantage.
  • Manifest your dreams and become an energetic match for what you desire most.
  • Apply the Proven Practical (5) Step Manifesting Process to making your dreams a reality.
  • Converse with the universe to attract your deepest desires, instead of your doubts.

We will end with a deep dive Q&A & powerful Manifestation Prayer 

A handout with be provided to all attendees with my 5 step Manifesting process, actionable tools, + penetrating questions to be filled out with my guidance. Please bring a pen!



After running a successful Manhattan based events planning business, Tiffany Nicole moved to Miami to embark upon an immersive journey of self-discovery. 

As a student of the famed Creative Insight Journey (CIJ) Course, Tiffany Nicole become a Certified Mindset coach and instructor. CIJ is a proven, state-of-the-art methodology based on the Stanford University Master Degree Course Creativity in Business that has revolutionized the art of success.

Tiffany became the integral Lead Global Trainer, and has shared these transformative mindset tools with thousands of people around the world.  She also spearheaded the national and international expansion of the CIJ program into more than 12 cities and 3 counties. Continuing to expand her knowledge and sharpen her skills, she is currently training under Tony Robbins, the number one life and business coach in the world. 

As a Certified Mindset Coach, Tiffany Nicole teaches proven practical tools & techniques to live in the present, stop over thinking, and start believing in your purpose and power. She recently became a Certified Theta Healer, and launched her highly anticipated online program Believe teaching people how to shift self-doubt into unshakeable belief & manifest their desires into reality. She offers corporate mindfulness programs, digital courses, retreats, workshops and one on one coaching.