Dr Todd Giardina, Psychologist, Specializing in Relationships, Communication and Women’s Self Actualization

With more than 15 years of experience, he is one of the rare few male psychologists in South Florida who focus on women's issues such as identity, self-esteem, communication, relationships, body image, or life changes. Dr. Giardina’s approach has proven to help women find a balance in their life by overcoming emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. Through a transformational (or integrated) model he encourages women to find and use their natural strengths, and empowers them to be true to their authentic selves.

“My goal is to promote psychological wellness through connecting and promoting the health of the body, mind, and spirit...while integrating traditional psychological therapies.” – Dr. G.

Dr. Giardina speaks and understands the female language, yet he can give his patient’s a much-needed male’s point of view without the clouded male ego. This approach has proven to be extremely successful for his female patients who seek outside help, and also want to understand a male’s perspective. He is funny, approachable, and nonjudgmental; nevertheless, he is challenging and will give his patients tough love when needed. Dr. Giardina believes the first step in healing yourself is self-awareness, and taking responsibility for the problems in your life. He is like a personal fitness coach who will push you to meet your goals, help you stay on track, but ultimately it is your commitment towards your own healing that will make you physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. He provides practical, personalized solutions!