Vajravidaran means the Supreme Destroyer of Evil

Vajravidaran means the Supreme Destroyer of Evil – Mantra Practice

Vajra Vidarana Mantra - The Supreme Destroyer of Evil - cleanse the body - remove obstacles

A powerful mantra shared with us by enlightened monks during their visit to The Movement Oasis , they bestowed blessings upon each guest and the land itself, creating an atmosphere of profound peace and connection.

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of this sacred chant. Let the soothing tones guide you to your inner world, where we are all eternally connected.Whether you're seeking tranquility, spiritual insight, or simply a moment of calm, we invite you to listen as often as you wish.

It is very powerful to cleanse the body , speech and mind of all sentient beings from contamination , material or spiritual. Purification Ceremony with Vajravidharan . Vajravidaran is the Buddhist deity of purification, which removes contamination, negative attitude and misconduct made to the body , mind and speech. In addition to possible impurities at all levels, also removes its origin ( Karma ) , external sources and obstacles caused by natural imbalances or negative influences zodiac. Also removes the causes of diseases and negativities of unknown origin. After purification, it creates a protective shield with the Vajra (the object that carries in his right hand diamond represents spiritual strength), which protects for the future.

The ritual increases power personal power and self-healing powers and positive energy of the person. Clean the chakras and subtle energies of the body. Decreases frustration, depression and anxiety. Eliminates nightmares, negative dreams, brings health, happiness, long life, and success. It is a traditional ceremony and widely practiced in the Himalayas and Tibet.