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The Movement Be Here Now is a hub for heart-minded beings that share the power of presence with each other. The core purpose is to create a conscious community utilizing The Movement Oasisย  as a central gathering point based on shared values and the pillars of mindful living; Personal Development, Yoga, Art, Environmentalism and Organics and Conscious Consumerism. THE MOVEMENT is a group of people working together to advance their shared spiritual, social, or artistic ideas. Check out our upcoming experiences

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Discover the blissful MoveMent Oasis located at Plant The future at Upper Side of Miami. With lush tropical foliage and a unique mysterious landscape, MoveMent oasis is curated for the curious, modern day individual with a holistic yet relaxed and social approach to wellness.ย  Nestle in a historical land lived by the indigenous Tequesta tribe. This urban oasis and venue space provides a platform for heart-minded people to create, share and gather.

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We focus on making your life easier by taking care of your entire event including full experience, sound and music, decoration, food and beverage, event logistics and more.ย 


The Movement is a vision birthed by two creative soul driven women; Sitara is an Author and Meditation Teacher, and Zoel is a Conscious Artist as well as Creative Director. Together, they conceived a dream that has grown into an actualized reality. Their initial inspiration was to take people beyond having discussions around mindfulness, by fabricating a gathering where beings could experience the capacity the present moment carries to make a massive shift within themselves. Within 8 editions they have congregated thousands of people, and have cultivated embodied presence, power, and passionate purpose within their lives. Illuminating the predestined grid of light on the planet.


185 NE 84th St, Miami, FL 33138
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